TableOfContents.HeadingStyles property (Word)

Returns a HeadingStyles object that represents additional styles used to compile a table of contents or table of figures (styles other than the Heading 1 - Heading 9 styles). Read-only.


expression. HeadingStyles

expression A variable that represents a 'TableOfContents' collection.


This example adds a style to the HeadingStyles collection and then displays the names of all the style in the collection.

Dim hsLoop As HeadingStyle 
If ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents.Count >=1 Then 
 ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents(1).HeadingStyles.Add _ 
 Style:="Title", Level:=2 
 For Each hsLoop In _ 
 MsgBox hsLoop.Style 
 Next hsLoop 
End If

This example adds a style named "Blue" to the HeadingStyles collection in a table of contents for Sales.doc.

With Documents("Sales.doc") 
 .Styles.Add Name:="Blue" 
 .TablesOfContents(1).UseHeadingStyles = True 
 .TablesOfContents(1).HeadingStyles.Add _ 
 Style:="Blue", Level:=4 
End With

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