Module.CountOfLines property (Access)

The CountOfLines property returns a Long value indicating the number of lines of code in a standard module or class module. Read-only Long.



expression A variable that represents a Module object.


Lines in a module are numbered beginning with 1.

The line number of the last line in a module is the value of the CountOfLines property.


The following example counts the number of lines and declaration lines in each standard module in the Modules collection. Note that the Modules collection contains only modules that are open in the module editor.

Public Sub ModuleLineTotal(ByVal strModuleName As String) 
 Dim mdl As Module 
 ' Open module to include in Modules collection. 
 DoCmd.OpenModule strModuleName 
 ' Return reference to Module object. 
 Set mdl = Modules(strModuleName) 
 ' Print number of lines in module. 
 Debug.Print "Number of lines: ", mdl.CountOfLines 
 ' Print number of declaration lines. 
 Debug.Print "Number of declaration lines: ", _ 
End Sub

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