OptionGroup.Requery method (Access)

The Requery method updates the data underlying a specified control that's on the active form by requerying the source of data for the control.



expression A variable that represents an OptionGroup object.


You can use this method to ensure that a form or control displays the most recent data.

The Requery method does one of the following:

  • Reruns the query on which the form or control is based.
  • Displays any new or changed records or removes deleted records from the table on which the form or control is based.
  • Updates records displayed based on any changes to the Filter property of the form.

Controls based on a query or table include:

  • List boxes and combo boxes.
  • Subform controls.
  • OLE objects, such as charts.
  • Controls for which the ControlSource property setting includes domain aggregate functions or SQL aggregate functions.

If you specify any other type of control for the object specified by expression, the record source for the form is requeried.

If the object specified by expression isn't bound to a field in a table or query, the Requery method forces a recalculation of the control.

If you omit the object specified by expression, the Requery method requeries the underlying data source for the form or control that has the focus. If the control that has the focus has a record source or row source, it will be requeried; otherwise, the control's data will simply be refreshed.

If a subform control has the focus, this method only requeries the record source for the subform, not the parent form.


  • The Requery method updates the data underlying a form or control to reflect records that are new to or deleted from the record source since it was last queried. The Refresh method shows only changes that have been made to the current set of records; it doesn't reflect new or deleted records in the record source. The Repaint method simply repaints the specified form and its controls.
  • The Requery method doesn't pass control to the operating system to allow Windows to continue processing messages. Use the DoEvents function if you need to relinquish temporary control to the operating system.
  • The Requery method is faster than the Requery action. When you use the Requery action, Microsoft Access closes the query and reloads it from the database. When you use the Requery method, Access reruns the query without closing and reloading it.


The following example uses the Requery method to requery the data from the EmployeeList list box on an Employees form.

Public Sub RequeryList() 
    Dim ctlCombo As Control 
    ' Return Control object pointing to a combo box. 
    Set ctlCombo = Forms!Employees!ReportsTo 
    ' Requery source of data for list box. 
End Sub

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