Printer.PrintQuality property (Access)

Returns or sets an AcPrintObjQuality constant indicating the resolution at which the specified printer should print jobs. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a Printer object.


The following example sets a variety of printer settings for the form specified in the strFormname argument of the procedure.

Sub SetPrinter(strFormname As String) 
 DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:=strFormname, view:=acDesign, _ 
 datamode:=acFormEdit, windowmode:=acHidden 
 With Forms(form1).Printer 
 .TopMargin = 1440 
 .BottomMargin = 1440 
 .LeftMargin = 1440 
 .RightMargin = 1440 
 .ColumnSpacing = 360 
 .RowSpacing = 360 
 .ColorMode = acPRCMColor 
 .DataOnly = False 
 .DefaultSize = False 
 .ItemSizeHeight = 2880 
 .ItemSizeWidth = 2880 
 .ItemLayout = acPRVerticalColumnLayout 
 .ItemsAcross = 6 
 .Copies = 1 
 .Orientation = acPRORLandscape 
 .Duplex = acPRDPVertical 
 .PaperBin = acPRBNAuto 
 .PaperSize = acPRPSLetter 
  .PrintQuality = acPRPQMedium 
 End With 
 DoCmd.Close objecttype:=acForm, objectname:=strFormname, _ 
End Sub

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