Properties object (Access)

The Properties collection contains all the built-in properties in an instance of an open form, report, or control. These properties uniquely characterize that instance of the object.


Use the Properties collection in Visual Basic or in an expression to refer to form, report, or control properties on forms or reports that are currently open.

You can use the Properties collection of an object to enumerate the object's built-in properties. You don't need to know beforehand exactly which properties exist or what their characteristics (Name and Value properties) are to manipulate them.


In addition to the built-in properties, you can also create and add your own user-defined properties. To add a user-defined property to an existing instance of an object, see the AccessObjectProperties collection and Add method topics.


The following example enumerates the Forms collection and prints the name of each open form in the Forms collection. It then enumerates the Properties collection of each form and prints the name of each property and value.

Sub AllOpenForms() 
 Dim frm As Form, prp As Property 
 ' Enumerate Forms collection. 
 For Each frm In Forms 
 ' Print name of form. 
 Debug.Print frm.Name 
 ' Enumerate Properties collection of each form. 
 For Each prp In frm.Properties 
 ' Print name of each property. 
 Debug.Print prp.Name; " = "; prp.Value 
 Next prp 
 Next frm 
End Sub


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