Report.Page event (Access)

The Page event occurs after Microsoft Access formats a page of a report for printing, but before the page is printed. You can use this event to draw a border around the page, or add other graphic elements to the page.



expression A variable that represents a Report object.

Return value



To run a macro or event procedure when this event occurs, set the OnPage property to the name of the macro or to [Event Procedure].

This event occurs after all the Format events for the report, and after all the Print events for the page, but before the page is actually printed.

You normally use the Line, Circle, or PSet methods in the Page event procedure to create the desired graphics for the page.

The NoData event occurs before the first Page event for the report.


The following example shows how to draw a rectangle around a report page by using the Line method. The ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight properties by default return the internal width and height of the report.

Private Sub Report_Page() 
    Me.Line(0, 0)-(Me.ScaleWidth, Me.ScaleHeight), , B 
End Sub

The following example shows how to use the Page event to add a watermark to a report before it is printed.

Private Sub Report_Page()
    Dim strWatermarkText As String
    Dim sizeHor As Single
    Dim sizeVer As Single

#If RUN_PAGE_EVENT = True Then
    With Me
        '// Print page border
        Me.Line (0, 0)-(.ScaleWidth - 1, .ScaleHeight - 1), vbBlack, B
        '// Print watermark
        strWatermarkText = "Confidential"
        .ScaleMode = 3
        .FontName = "Segoe UI"
        .FontSize = 48
        .ForeColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)

        '// Calculate text metrics
        sizeHor = .TextWidth(strWatermarkText)
        sizeVer = .TextHeight(strWatermarkText)
        '// Set the print location
        .CurrentX = (.ScaleWidth / 2) - (sizeHor / 2)
        .CurrentY = (.ScaleHeight / 2) - (sizeVer / 2)
        '// Print the watermark
        .Print strWatermarkText
    End With
#End If

End Sub

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