Report.ScaleMode property (Access)

You can use the ScaleMode property in Visual Basic to specify the unit of measurement for coordinates on a page when the Circle, Line, Pset, or Print method is used while a report is previewed or printed, or its output is saved to a file. Read/write Integer.



expression A variable that represents a Report object.


The ScaleMode property uses the following settings.

Setting Description
0 Custom values used by one or more of the ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, and ScaleTop properties.
1 (Default) Twips
2 Points
3 Pixels
4 Characters (horizontal = 120 twips per unit; vertical = 240 twips per unit).
5 Inches
6 Millimeters
7 Centimeters

You can set the ScaleMode property by using a macro or a Visual Basic event procedure specified by a section's OnPrint property setting.

By using the related ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, and ScaleTop properties, you can create a custom coordinate system with both positive and negative coordinates. All four properties interact with the ScaleMode property in the following ways:

  • Setting any other Scale property to any value automatically sets the ScaleMode property to 0.

  • Setting the ScaleMode property to a number greater than 0 changes the ScaleHeight and ScaleWidth property settings to the new unit of measurement and sets the ScaleLeft and ScaleTop properties to 0. Also, the CurrentX and CurrentY property settings change to reflect the new coordinates of the current point.

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