TextBox.LineSpacing property (Access)

You can use the LineSpacing property to specify or determine the location of information displayed within a label or text box control. Read/write Integer.



expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.


A control's displayed information location is the distance measured between each line of the displayed information. To use a unit of measurement different from the setting in the Regional Options dialog box in the Windows Control Panel, specify the unit, such as cm or in (for example, 3 cm or 2 in).

In Visual Basic, use a numeric expression to set the value of this property. Values are expressed in twips.


The following example sets the line spacing to 0.25 inches for the text box PurchaseOrderDescription on the Purchase Orders form.

' 0.25 inches = 360/1440 twips. 
 Forms("Purchase Orders").Controls("PurchaseOrderDescription").LineSpacing = 360

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