TextBox.StatusBarText property (Access)

You can use the StatusBarText property to specify the text that is displayed in the status bar when a control is selected. Read/write String.



expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.


You set the StatusBarText property by using a string expression up to 255 characters long. The length of the text that you can display in the status bar depends on your computer hardware and video display.

You can use the StatusBarText property to provide specific information about a control. For example, when a text box has the focus, a brief instruction can tell the user what kind of data to enter.

If you create a control by dragging a field from the field list, the value in a field's Description property is copied to the StatusBarText property.


You can also use the ControlTipText property to display a ScreenTip for a control.


The following example sets the status bar text to be displayed when the Address_TextBox control in the Mailing List form has the focus in Form view.

Forms("Mailing List").Controls("Address_TextBox"). _ 
 StatusBarText = "Enter the company's mailing address." 

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