Application.DisplayXMLSourcePane method (Excel)

Opens the XML Source task pane and displays the XML map specified by the XmlMap argument.


expression.DisplayXMLSourcePane (XmlMap)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
XmlMap Optional Variant The XML map to display in the task pane.


You can use the following code to hide the XML Source task pane.

Application.CommandBars("XML Source").Visible = False


The following example adds an XML map named Customers to the active workbook, and then displays the XML map in the XML Source task pane.

Sub DisplayXMLMap() 
 Dim objCustomer As XmlMap 
 Set objCustomer = ActiveWorkbook.XmlMaps.Add( _ 
 "Customers.xsd", "Root") 
 objCustomer.Name = "Customers" 
End Sub

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