ProtectedViewWindow.Workbook property (Excel)

Returns an object that represents the workbook that is open in the specified Protected View window. Read-only.



expression A variable that represents a ProtectedViewWindow object.

Return value



Because a Protected View window is designed to protect the user from potentially malicious code, the operations that you can perform by using a Workbook object returned by the Workbook method will be limited. Any operation that is not allowed will return an error.

A workbook displayed in a Protected View window is not a member of the Workbooks collection. Instead, use the Workbook property to access a workbook that is displayed in a Protected View window.


The following example uses the Workbook property to return the workbook that is open in the first Protected View window.

Dim wbProtected As Workbook 
If Application.ProtectedViewWindows.Count > 0 Then 
    Set wbProtected = Application.ProtectedViewWindows(1).Workbook 
End If 

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