PublishObjects.Add method (Excel)

Creates an object that represents an item in a document saved to a webpage. Such objects facilitate subsequent updates to the webpage while automated changes are being made to the document in Microsoft Excel. Returns a PublishObject object.


expression.Add (SourceType, FileName, Sheet, Source, HtmlType, DivID, Title)

expression A variable that represents a PublishObjects object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
SourceType Required XlSourceType The source type.
FileName Optional Variant String. The URL (on the intranet or the web) or path (local or network) to which the source object was saved.
Sheet Optional Variant The name of the worksheet that was saved as a webpage.
Source Optional Variant A unique name used to identify items that have one of the following constants as their SourceType argument: xlSourceAutoFilter, xlSourceChart, xlSourcePivotTable, xlSourcePrintArea, xlSourceQuery, or xlSourceRange.

If SourceType is xlSourceRange, Source specifies a range, which can be a defined name. If SourceType is xlSourceChart, xlSourcePivotTable, or xlSourceQuery, Source specifies the name of a chart, PivotTable report, or query table.
HtmlType Optional Variant Specifies whether the item is saved as an interactive Microsoft Office Web component or as static text and images. Can be one of the XlHTMLType constants: xlHtmlCalc, xlHtmlChart, xlHtmlList, or xlHtmlStatic.
DivID Optional Variant The unique identifier used in the HTML DIV tag to identify the item on the webpage.
Title Optional Variant The title of the webpage.

Return value

A PublishObject object that represents the new item.


This example saves the range D5:D9 on the First Quarter worksheet in the active workbook to a webpage called Stockreport.htm.

With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(SourceType:=xlSourceRange, _ 
    Filename:="\\Server\Stockreport.htm", Sheet:="First Quarter", Source:="$G$3:$H$6", _ 
    HtmlType:=xlHtmlStatic, DivID:="Book1_4170") 
        .Publish (True) 
        .AutoRepublish = False 
End With

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