Scenario.ChangeScenario method (Excel)

Changes the scenario to have a new set of changing cells and (optionally) scenario values.


expression.ChangeScenario (ChangingCells, Values)

expression A variable that represents a Scenario object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
ChangingCells Required Variant A Range object that specifies the new set of changing cells for the scenario. The changing cells must be on the same sheet as the scenario.
Values Optional Variant An array that contains the new scenario values for the changing cells. If this argument is omitted, the scenario values are assumed to be the current values in the changing cells.

Return value



If you specify Values, the array must contain an element for each cell in the ChangingCells range; otherwise, Microsoft Excel generates an error.


This example sets the changing cells for scenario one to the range A1:A10 on Sheet1.

Worksheets("Sheet1").Scenarios(1).ChangeScenario _ 

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