Scenarios object (Excel)

A collection of all the Scenario objects on the specified worksheet.


A scenario is a group of input values (called changing cells) that's named and saved.


Use the Scenarios method of the Worksheet object to return the Scenarios collection.

The following example creates a summary for the scenarios on the worksheet named Options by using cells J10 and J20 as the result cells.

Worksheets("options").Scenarios.CreateSummary _ 

Use the Add method to create a new scenario and add it to the collection. The following example adds a new scenario named Typical to the worksheet named Options. The new scenario has two changing cells, A2 and A12, with the respective values 55 and 60.

Worksheets("options").Scenarios.Add name:="Typical", _ 
 changingCells:=Worksheets("options").Range("A2,A12"), _ 
 values:=Array("55", "60")

Use Scenarios (index), where index is the scenario name or index number, to return a single Scenario object. The following example shows the scenario named Typical on the worksheet named Options.




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