Workbook.AccuracyVersion property (Excel)

Specifies whether certain worksheet functions use the latest accuracy algorithms to calculate their results. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.

Return value



By default, some of the worksheet functions from Excel 2007 and earlier versions of Excel use new algorithms that increase their accuracy. However, in some cases, the new algorithms decrease the performance of these functions relative to their performance in Excel 2007 and earlier versions of Excel. To specify that these worksheet functions use the older algorithms to increase their performance, set the AccuracyVersion property to 1.

The following table describes the possible settings for the AccuracyVersion property.

Setting Description
0 Use the latest, most accurate algorithms (default)
1 Use Excel 2007 or earlier version algorithms
2 Use Excel 2010 algorithms


Setting the AccuracyVersion property to a value other than 0, 1, or 2 will result in undefined behavior.


The following example sets the affected worksheet functions to use the older algorithms to calculate their results.

ActiveWorkbook.AccuracyVersion = 1

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