MsoScreenSize enumeration (Office)

Specifies the ideal screen resolution to be used to view a document in a web browser.

Name Value Description
msoScreenSize1024x768 4 1024x768 resolution
msoScreenSize1152x882 5 1152x882 resolution
msoScreenSize1152x900 6 1152x900 resolution
msoScreenSize1280x1024 7 1280x1024 resolution
msoScreenSize1600x1200 8 1600x1200 resolution
msoScreenSize1800x1440 9 1800x1440 resolution
msoScreenSize1920x1200 10 1920x1200 resolution
msoScreenSize544x376 0 544x376 resolution
msoScreenSize640x480 1 640x480 resolution
msoScreenSize720x512 2 720x512 resolution
msoScreenSize800x600 3 800x600 resolution

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