TextRange2.BoundWidth property (Office)

Gets the width, in points, of the text bounding box for the specified text. Read-only.



expression An expression that returns a TextRange2 object.

Return value



The text bounding box is not the same as the TextFrame object. The TextFrame object represents the container in which the text can reside. The text bounding box represents the perimeter immediately surrounding the text.


This example adds a rounded rectangle to slide one with the same dimensions as the text bounding box.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1) 
 Set txb = .TextFrame.Text 
 Set roundRect = .AddShape(ppShapeRoundRect, _ 
 txb.BoundLeft, txb.BoundTop, txb.BoundWidth, txb.BoundHeight) 
 roundRect.Fill.Transparency = 0.25 
End With 

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