CalendarSharing.ForwardAsICal method (Outlook)

Forwards calendar information from the parent Folder of the CalendarSharing object as the payload of a MailItem.


expression. ForwardAsICal( _MailFormat_ )

expression An expression that returns a CalendarSharing object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
MailFormat Required OlCalendarMailFormat Determines the format of the calendar information in the body of the MailItem created by this method.

Return value

A MailItem object that represents the new mail item to which the calendar information is attached.


The ForwardAsICal method provides a single method by which you can use payload sharing to share a calendar with other users. The method:

  • Creates a MailItem object and provides a presentation of calendar information in the body of the mail item.

  • Creates an iCalendar (.ics) file containing the calendar information and attaches the file to the MailItem.

See also

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