NameSpace.CreateSharingItem method (Outlook)

Creates a new SharingItem object.


expression. CreateSharingItem( _Context_ , _Provider_ )

expression An expression that returns a NameSpace object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Context Required Variant Either a String value or a Folder object representing the sharing context to be used.
Provider Optional Variant An OlSharingProvider value representing the sharing provider to be used.

Return value

A SharingItem object that represents a sharing message for the specified context.


If a String value is specified in Context , the method assumes that a URL has been provided as a sharing context. If a Folder object is specified in Context , the method attempts to discover the sharing context from the folder. If no sharing context exists, or if more than one sharing context exists, an error occurs.

If Provider is not specified, the method attempts to use the appropriate sharing provider for the value specified in Context.

See also

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