Row.Item method (Outlook)

Obtains an Object that represents the value for the Row object at the column specified by Index.


expression.Item (Index)

expression A variable that represents a Row object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Index Required Variant A 1-based index value that can be either a Long representing the column index for the Columns collection or a String representing the Name of the Column.

Return value

A Variant that represents the value of a property (as specified by Index ) of an item (as specified by the parent Row).


The Item method is the default method of the Row object, meaning that the method can be used implicitly. The following two lines of code both access the value of the Subject property at the specified Row in a Table :



If a Column has been added to a Table using a property name referencing a namespace, you must reference the Column in the Row.Item method by the same namespace reference. If you use an explicit built-in name reference in Row.Item, you will get an error.


The following code sample illustrates how to obtain a Table object based on the LastModificationTime of items in the Inbox. It then enumerates and prints the values of a couple of default properties of these items. Since the Item method is the default method of the Row object, it uses the Item method in an implicit way.

Sub DemoTable() 
 Dim Filter As String 
 Dim oRow As Outlook.Row 
 Dim oTable As Outlook.Table 
 Dim oFolder As Outlook.Folder 
 'Get a Folder object for the Inbox 
 Set oFolder = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox) 
 'Define Filter to obtain items last modified after May 1, 2005 
 Filter = "[LastModificationTime] > '5/1/2005'" 
 'Restrict with Filter 
 Set oTable = oFolder.GetTable(Filter) 
 'Enumerate the table using test for EndOfTable 
 Do Until (oTable.EndOfTable) 
 Set oRow = oTable.GetNextRow() 
 Debug.Print (oRow("Subject")) 
 Debug.Print (oRow("LastModificationTime")) 
End Sub

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