SyncObjects.AppFolders property (Outlook)

This property returns the SyncObject object for application folders. Read-only.


expression. AppFolders

expression A variable that represents a SyncObjects object.


The SyncObject is where folders are automatically added when the InAppFolderSyncObject property of the Folder object is set to True. The SyncObject allows users to synchronize Microsoft Outlook folders, address books, and folder home pages for offline use.


The following example sets the SyncObject for the application folders and synchronizes the user's Inbox.

Public Sub SetAppfolders() 
 Dim nsp As Outlook.NameSpace 
 Dim objSycs As Outlook.SyncObjects 
 Dim objSyc As Outlook.SyncObject 
 Dim mpfInbox As Outlook.Folder 
 Set nsp = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI") 
 Set objSycs = nsp.SyncObjects 
 Set objSyc = objSycs.AppFolders 
 Set mpfInbox = nsp.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox) 
 mpfInbox.InAppFolderSyncObject = True 
End Sub

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