TabStrip.MousePointer Property (Outlook Forms Script)

Returns or sets an Integer that specifies the type of pointer displayed when the user positions the mouse over a particular object. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a TabStrip object.


The settings for MousePointer are:

Value Description
0 Standard pointer. The image is determined by the object (default).
1 Arrow.
2 Cross-hair pointer.
3 I-beam.
6 Double arrow pointing northeast and southwest.
7 Double arrow pointing north and south.
8 Double arrow pointing northwest and southeast.
9 Double arrow pointing west and east.
10 Up arrow.
11 Hourglass.
12 "Not" symbol (circle with a diagonal line) on top of the object being dragged. Indicates an invalid drop target.
13 Arrow with an hourglass.
14 Arrow with a question mark.
15 Size all cursor (arrows pointing north, south, east, and west).
99 Uses the icon specified by the MouseIcon property.

Use the MousePointer property when you want to indicate changes in functionality as the mouse pointer passes over controls on a form. For example, the hourglass setting (11) is useful to indicate that the user must wait for a process or operation to finish.

Some icons vary depending on system settings, such as the icons associated with desktop themes.

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