TaskRequestDeclineItem.AfterWrite event (Outlook)

Occurs after Microsoft Outlook has saved the item.


expression. AfterWrite

expression A variable that represents a TaskRequestDeclineItem object.


The AfterWrite event occurs after the Write event. This event is not cancelable. To determine when the item is unloaded from memory, use the Unload event.

The AfterWrite event corresponds to the Exchange Client Extensions (ECE) event IExchExtMessageEvents::OnWriteComplete.

Only the following members of the item object can be accessed in the AfterWrite event:

The MAPIOBJECT property is a hidden property in the Outlook object model. This property provides access to the underlying MAPI IMessage object, and can be invoked only via the IUnknown interface. The property is accessible to programs written in languages such as C or C++ that support IUnknown. MAPIOBJECT is not available through the IDispatch interface. Development languages such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual C#, and Visual Basic support the IDispatch interface and not IUnknown, and therefore, they cannot access MAPIOBJECT. If other properties or methods of the parent item are accessed in this event, Outlook raises an error.

The object obtained from the MAPIOBJECT property in this event must contain all the changes persisted by Outlook. The implementer can call the SaveChanges method on the IMessage object to persist changes to the underlying IMessage object represented by MAPIOBJECT, and Outlook will not revert those changes.

Implementers must release the object obtained from the MAPIOBJECT property in the event before the event completes. Attempting to use that object outside the context of the event is unsupported and will lead to unpredictable behavior.

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