Ruler.TabStops property (PowerPoint)

Returns a TabStops collection that represents the tab stops for the specified text. Read-only.


expression. TabStops

expression A variable that represents a Ruler object.

Return value



This example adds a slide with two text columns to the active presentation, sets a left-aligned tab stop for the title on the new slide, aligns the title box to the left, and assigns title text utilizing the tab stop just created.

With Application.ActivePresentation.Slides _
        .Add(2, ppLayoutTwoColumnText).Shapes

    With .Title.TextFrame
        With .Ruler
            .Levels(1).FirstMargin = 0
            .TabStops.Add ppTabStopLeft, 310
        End With
        .TextRange.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ppAlignLeft
        .TextRange = "first column" + Chr(9) + "second column"
    End With

End With

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