Application.DetailStylesProperties method (Project)

Sets the format of details in a usage view.


expression. DetailStylesProperties( _AlignCellData_, _RepeatRowLabel_, _ShortLabels_, _DisplayDetailsColumn_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
AlignCellData Optional Long Specifies the alignment of data in cells. Can be one of the following PjAlignment constants: pjCenter, pjLeft, or pjRight. The default value is pjRight.
RepeatRowLabel Optional Boolean True if details headers are repeated on all assignment rows. The default value is True.
ShortLabels Optional Boolean True if Project displays short details header names. The default value is True.
DisplayDetailsColumn Optional Long Specifies whether a details column displays. Can be one of the following PjYesNoAutomatic constants: pjAuto, pjNo, or pjYes. The default value is pjYes.

Return value



Using the DetailStylesProperties method without specifying any arguments displays the Detail Styles dialog box with the Usage Properties tab selected.


The following example hides the details column displays.

Sub DetailStyles_Remove() 
    ' Activate the Usage view 
    ViewApply Name:="Task Usage" 
    DetailStylesRemove Item:=pjWork 
End Sub

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