Application.EditHyperlink method (Project)

Edits the hyperlink of the selected assignment, resource, or task.


expression. EditHyperlink( _Name_, _Address_, _SubAddress_, _ScreenTip_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Name Optional String The name of the hyperlink as it appears in the Hyperlink field.
Address Optional String The address of the target document.
SubAddress Optional String A location within the target document.
ScreenTip Optional String The ScreenTip text for the hyperlink.

Return value



Using the EditHyperlink method without specifying any arguments displays the Edit Hyperlink dialog box.


The following example first creates a hyperlink in the Gantt Chart view and then change the name to MyHyperLink.

Sub Edit_Hyperlink() 
 ViewApply Name:="&Gantt Chart" 
 SelectRow Row:=2, RowRelative:=False 
 InsertHyperlink Name:="https://MSDN", Address:="", SubAddress:="", ScreenTip:="" 
 EditHyperlink Name:="MyHyperLink" 
End Sub

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