Application.GridlinesEdit method (Project)

Edits gridlines.


expression.GridlinesEdit (Item, NormalType, NormalColor, Interval, IntervalType, IntervalColor)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Item Required Integer The gridline to edit. Can be one of the following PjGridline constants:
  • If the Gantt Chart is active: pjBarRows, pjGanttCurrentDate, pjGanttPageBreaks, pjGanttProjectFinish, pjGanttProjectStart, pjGanttRows, pjGanttSheetColumns, pjGanttSheetRows, pjGanttStatusDate, pjGanttTitleHorizontal, pjGanttTitleVertical, pjMajorColumns, or pjMinorColumns.
  • If the Calendar view is active: pjCalendarDays, pjCalendarWeeks, pjTitleHorizontal, pjTitleVertical, pjDateBoxTop, or pjDateBoxBottom.
  • If the Resource Graph is active: pjMajorVertical, pjMinorVertical, pjHorizontal, pjGraphCurrentDate, pjGraphTitleHorizontal, pjGraphTitleVertical, pjGraphProjectStart, pjGraphProjectFinish, or pjGraphStatusDate.
  • If the Task Sheet or Resource Sheet is active: pjSheetColumns, pjSheetRows, pjSheetTitleHorizontal, pjSheetTitleVertical, or pjSheetPageBreaks.
  • If the Task Usage or Resource Usage view is active: pjUsageColumns, pjUsageRows, pjUsageSheetRows, pjUsageSheetColumns, pjUsageTitleHorizontal, pjUsageTitleVertical, or pjUsagePageBreaks.
NormalType Optional Integer The type for normal gridlines. Can be one of the following PjLineType constants: pjNoLines, pjContinuous, pjCloseDot, pjDot, or pjDash.
NormalColor Optional Integer The color of normal gridlines. Can be one of the PjColor constants.
Interval Optional Integer A number from 0 to 99 that specifies the interval between gridlines.
IntervalType Optional Integer The type for secondary gridlines. Can be one of the PjLineType constants.
IntervalColor Optional Integer The color of secondary gridlines. Can be one of the PjColor constants.

Return value



To edit gridlines where colors can be hexadecimal RGB values, use the GridLinesEditEx method.


The following example changes the major gridlines to red.

Sub Gridlines_Edit()    
    'Activate Gantt Chart view 
    ViewApply Name:="&Gantt Chart" 
    GridlinesEdit Item:=pjMajorColumns, NormalColor:=pjRed 
End Sub

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