Application.MakeFieldEnterprise method (Project)

Adds a local custom field to Project Server as an enterprise custom field.


expression. MakeFieldEnterprise( _FieldID_, _FieldName_, _LookupTableName_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
FieldID Required Long Identification number of the local custom field. Use the FieldNameToFieldConstant method to get the FieldID argument.
FieldName Required String Name of the enterprise custom field to create.
LookupTableName Optional String Name of the lookup table to create. The default value is an empty string ("").

Return value



When the MakeFieldEnterprise method completes successfully, Project shows a dialog box with the message, "The field was successfully added to Project Server. In order to view and use the enterprise field in the project, you will need to quit and restart Project Professional."

The MakeFieldEnterprise method corresponds to the Add Field to Enterprise command in the Custom Fields dialog box. The method is available only in Project Professional. Project Professional must be connected to Project Server.


To use the following example, create a local custom field, such as a task text custom field, named LocalWithLUT2Enterprise. Add a lookup table for the custom field that has some values.

Sub Local2Enterprise() 
 Dim localId As Long 
 localId = FieldNameToFieldConstant(FieldName:="LocalWithLUT2Enterprise") 
 MakeFieldEnterprise FieldID:=localId, FieldName:="NewTaskTextFromLocal", LookupTableName:="NewTaskTextLUTFromLocal" 
End Sub

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