Application.ProjectBeforeSaveBaseline event (Project)

Occurs before a baseline is saved. Uses the EventInfo object parameter.


expression. ProjectBeforeSaveBaseline( _pj_, _Interim_, _bl_, _InterimCopy_, _InterimInto_, _AllTasks_, _RollupToSummaryTasks_, _RollupFromSubtasks_, _Info_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
pj Required Project The project displayed in the window.
Interim Required Boolean True if saving an interim baseline. False if saving a full baseline.
bl Required PjBaselines The baseline you are saving. Can be one of the following PjBaselines constants: pjBaseline, pjBaseline1, pjBaseline2, pjBaseline3, pjBaseline4, pjBaseline5, pjBaseline6, pjBaseline7, pjBaseline8, pjBaseline9, or pjBaseline10.
InterimCopy Required PjSaveBaselineFrom The interim plan being copied from. Can be one of the following PjSaveBaselineFrom constants: pjCopyBaseline, pjCopyBaseline1, pjCopyBaseline2, pjCopyBaseline3, pjCopyBaseline4, pjCopyBaseline5, pjCopyBaseline6, pjCopyBaseline7, pjCopyBaseline8, pjCopyBaseline9, pjCopyBaseline10, pjCopyCurrent, pjCopyStart_Finish1, pjCopyStart_Finish2, pjCopyStart_Finish3, pjCopyStart_Finish4, pjCopyStart_Finish5, pjCopyStart_Finish6, pjCopyStart_Finish7, pjCopyStart_Finish8, pjCopyStart_Finish9, or pjCopyStart_Finish10.
InterimInto Required PjSaveBaselineTo The interim plan to which you are saving. Can be one of the following PjSaveBaselineTo constants: pjIntoBaseline, pjIntoBaseline1, pjIntoBaseline2, pjIntoBaseline3, pjIntoBaseline4, pjIntoBaseline5, pjIntoBaseline6, pjIntoBaseline7, pjIntoBaseline8, pjIntoBaseline9, pjIntoBaseline10, pjIntoStart_Finish1, pjIntoStart_Finish2, pjIntoStart_Finish3, pjIntoStart_Finish4, pjIntoStart_Finish5, pjIntoStart_Finish6, pjIntoStart_Finish7, pjIntoStart_Finish8, pjIntoStart_Finish9, or pjIntoStart_Finish10.
AllTasks Required Boolean True if saving the entire project.
RollupToSummaryTasks Required Boolean True if you wish to roll up baselines to summary tasks.
RollupFromSubtasks Required Boolean True if you wish to roll up baselines from subtasks.
Info Required EventInfo EventInfo.Cancel is False when the event occurs. If the event procedure sets this argument to True, the baseline is not saved.

Return value



Project events do not occur when the project is embedded in another document or application.

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