Application.ResetTPStyle method (Project)

Resets the specified Team Planner style to the default values.


expression.ResetTPStyle (Style)

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Style Required PjTeamPlannerStyle Can be one of the PjTeamPlannerStyle constants.

Return value



The PjTeamPlannerStyle constants are equivalent to the five styles shown in the Format tab of the Team Planner Tools in the ribbon, as follows:

Constant Style
pjTPActualWork Actual Work
pjTPLateTask Late Task
pjTPManualTask Manually Scheduled
pjTPScheduledWork Auto Scheduled
pjTPSRA External Task


The following line of code resets the border color and fill color of auto-scheduled assignments in the Team Planner to their default values.

ResetTPStyle Style:=pjTPScheduledWork

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