Application.MillimetersToPoints method (Publisher)

Converts a measurement from millimeters to points (1 mm = 2.835 points). Returns the converted measurement as a Single.


expression.MillimetersToPoints (Value)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Value Required Single The millimeter value to be converted to points.

Return value



Use the PointsToMillimeters method to convert measurements in points to millimeters.


This example converts measurements in millimeters entered by the user to measurements in points.

Dim strInput As String 
Dim strOutput As String 
Do While True 
 ' Get input from user. 
 strInput = InputBox( _ 
 Prompt:="Enter measurement in millimeters (0 to cancel): ", _ 
 ' Exit the loop if user enters zero. 
 If Val(strInput) = 0 Then Exit Do 
 ' Evaluate and display result. 
 strOutput = Trim(strInput) & " mm = " _ 
 & Format(Application _ 
 .MillimetersToPoints(Value:=Val(strInput)), _ 
 "0.00") & " points" 
 MsgBox strOutput 

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