Plate.ConvertToProcess method (Publisher)

Converts the specified plate from spot color to process.



expression A variable that represents a Plate object.


The ConvertToProcess method is only accessible if the publication's color mode has been set to process and spot color inks.

Returns "Permission Denied" when applied to a spot color plate. When the color mode includes process color, the process color inks (black, magenta, yellow, and cyan) are the first four plates in the Plates collection.

When a plate is converted from spot to process color, all colors in the publication based on the ink that the converted plate represents are converted to process colors.


The following example converts the specified spot color plate to process color. The example assumes that the publication's color mode has been specified as spot and process color, and that at least six plates have been defined for the publication.

Sub ChangePlateToProcess() 
 With ActiveDocument.Plates.Item(6) 
 End With 
End Sub

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