TabStops.Add method (Publisher)

Adds a new tab stop to the specified TabStops collection.


expression.Add (Position, Alignment, Leader)

expression A variable that represents a TabStops object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Position Required Variant The horizontal position of the new tab stop relative to the left edge of the text frame. Numeric values are evaluated in points; strings are evaluated in the units specified and can be in any measurement unit supported by Microsoft Publisher (for example, "2.5 in").
Alignment Required PbTabAlignmentType The alignment setting for the tab stop. Can be one of the PbTabAlignmentType constants.
Leader Required PbTabLeaderType The type of leader for the tab stop. Can be one of the PbTabLeaderType constants.


The following example adds a new left-aligned tab stop 0.5 inches from the left edge of the specified text frame.

ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).TextFrame _ 
 .TextRange.ParagraphFormat.Tabs _ 
 .Add Position:="0.5 in", _ 
 Alignment:=pbTabAlignmentLeading, _ 

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