TextRange.InsertBarcode method (Publisher)

Inserts a bar code field at the end of the text range represented by the parent TextRange object.



expression A variable that represents a TextRange object.

Return value



Ideally, you should create an add-in to Microsoft Publisher to handle the MailMergeGenerateBarcode and MailMergeInsertBarcode events. If your add-in or code does not contain handlers for these events, the InsertBarcode method returns an error.

The example that follows shows how to handle these events by using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code in the Visual Basic Editor.

If you want to enable insertion of bar codes into the publication from the user interface, your add-in or VBA code should also set the InsertBarcodeVisible property value to True.


The following example shows how to use the InsertBarcode method to insert a bar-code field into a text box in a publication. Insert this code into your VBA project, and run the AttachToEvents procedure before running the InsertBarcode_Example procedure.

Before running the code in this example, use the MailMerge.OpenDataSource method to connect to a data source. The data source must contain a bar-code column that lists bar codes for all mail-merge recipients. Replace barcodeColumnIndex in the MailMergeGenerateBarcode event handler in the code with the index number of the data-source column that contains bar-code information.

Run the following code from the Visual Basic Editor window, and not from the Macros dialog box (on the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then choose Macros).

Public WithEvents pubApplication As Publisher.Application 
Private Sub pubApplication_MailMergeGenerateBarcode(ByVal Doc As Document, bstrString As String) 
    bstrString = pubApplication.ActiveDocument.MailMerge.DataSource.DataFields.Item(barcodeColumnIndex).Value 
End Sub 
Private Sub pubApplication_MailMergeInsertBarcode(ByVal Doc As Document, OkToInsert As Boolean) 
    OkToInsert = True 
End Sub 
Public Sub InsertBarcode_Example() 
    Dim pubTextRange As Publisher.TextRange 
    Dim pubShape As Publisher.Shape 
    Set pubShape = ThisDocument.Pages(1).Shapes.AddTextbox(pbTextOrientationHorizontal, 100, 100, 500, 500) 
    Set pubTextRange = pubShape.TextFrame.TextRange 
End Sub 
Public Sub AttachToEvents() 
    Set pubApplication = Application 
End Sub

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