TextRange.InsertMailMergeField Method (Publisher)

Returns a TextRange object that represents a text data field for a mail merge or catalog merge.


expression. InsertMailMergeField(varIndex)

expression A variable that represents a TextRange object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
varIndex Required Variant The name or index of the data field in the datasource.

Return value



For a publication's catalog merge area to contain text data fields, it must first contain at least one text box to contain the text data fields.


This example inserts a LastName field at the cursor position. This example assumes that the active publication is a mail merge publication and that the cursor position is somewhere inside a text box.

Sub InsertMergeField() 
 Selection.TextRange.InsertMailMergeField varIndex:="LastName" 
End Sub

This example adds a text box to the specified publication's catalog merge area, and then inserts a text data field into the text box. This example assumes that the specified publication is connected to a data source, and that it contains a catalog merge area.

Set pbTextBox1 = ThisDocument.Pages(1).Shapes.AddTextbox(1, 100, 100, 175, 25) 
With pbTextBox1.TextFrame.TextRange 
 .Text = "List Price: " 
 .InsertMailMergeField "List Price" 
End With