Characters.RunEnd property (Visio)

Returns the ending index of a type of run—a sequence of characters that share a particular attribute, such as character, paragraph, or tab formatting; or a word, paragraph, or field. Read-only.


expression.RunEnd (RunType)

expression A variable that represents a Characters object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
RunType Required Integer The type of run to get.

Return value



In a ShapeSheet window, each row in the Character and Paragraph sections represents a run of the corresponding format in a shape's text. Certain words may be bold or italic, or one paragraph may be centered and another left-aligned. Each change of format represents a run of that format. Similarly, delimiters such as spaces and paragraph marks represent the beginning and end of words, paragraphs, and fields.

In addition, you can retrieve rows that represent runs of character, paragraph, and tab formats by specifying a row index as an argument to the CellsSRC property of a shape.

Use the RunEnd property to determine the end of a sequence of identically formatted characters or the end of a word, paragraph, or field. You can get the IsField property to determine whether a run is a field.

The index that the RunEnd property returns is greater than or equal to the ending index of a Characters object. If the End property of the Characters object is already at the end of a run, the value of the RunEnd property is equal to the value of the End property.

Use the RunType argument to specify the type of run you want. You can use any of the constants declared by the Visio type library in VisRunTypes Constants. To find a list of RunType values, see the RunBegin property.

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