Viewer.ToolbarButtons property (Visio Viewer)

Gets or sets the buttons that are available on the toolbar in Microsoft Visio Viewer. Read/write.



expression An expression that returns a Viewer object.

Return value



Use a comma-delimited list of button-name values. See the following table that maps button names (which you can determine by pausing the mouse pointer over a button) to button-name values.

The default list is About, Sep, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomWidth, ZoomPage, Zoom100, Zoom, Sep, OpenInVisio, Sep, Props, Layers, Reviewing, Sep, Help.

Toolbar button Button-name value
About Microsoft Office Visio Viewer About
Zoom In ZoomIn
Zoom Out ZoomOut
Zoom Width ZoomWidth
Zoom Page ZoomPage
Zoom 100% Zoom100
Zoom Zoom
Open in Microsoft Office Visio OpenInVisio
Properties and Settings Props
Layer Settings Layers
Markup Settings Reviewing
Help Help
Separator Sep
First Page FirstPage
Previous Page PrevPage
Next Page NextPage
Last Page LastPage
Go To Page GoToPage


The following code shows how to display the names of the current toolbar buttons in Visio Viewer in the Immediate window.

Debug.Print vsoViewer.ToolbarButtons

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