Application.DDEInitiate method (Word)

Opens a dynamic data exchange (DDE) channel to another application, and returns the channel number.


expression. DDEInitiate( _App_ , _Topic_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
App Required String The name of the application.
Topic Required String The name of a DDE topic—for example, the name of an open document—recognized by the application to which you are opening a channel.


If it is successful, the DDEInitiate method returns the number of the open channel. All subsequent DDE functions use this number to specify the channel.


This example initiates a DDE conversation with the System topic and opens the Microsoft Office Excel workbook Sales.xls. The example terminates the DDE channel, initiates a channel to Sales.xls, and then inserts text into cell R1C1.

Dim lngChannel As Long 
lngChannel = DDEInitiate(App:="Excel", Topic:="System") 
DDEExecute Channel:=lngChannel, Command:="[OPEN(" & Chr(34) _ 
 & "C:\Sales.xls" & Chr(34) & ")] 
DDETerminate Channel:=lngChannel 
lngChannel = DDEInitiate(App:="Excel", Topic:="Sales.xls") 
DDEPoke Channel:=lngChannel, Item:="R1C1", Data:="1996 Sales" 
DDETerminate Channel:=lngChannel

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