FirstLetterException object (Word)

Represents an abbreviation excluded from automatic correction. The FirstLetterExceptions object is a member of the FirstLetterExceptions collection.


The FirstLetterExceptions collection includes all the excluded abbreviations.The first character following a period is automatically capitalized when the CorrectSentenceCaps property is set to True. The character you type following an item in the FirstLetterExceptions collection isn't capitalized.

Use FirstLetterExceptions (Index), where Index is the abbreviation or the index number, to return a single FirstLetterException object. The following example deletes the abbreviation "appt." from the FirstLetterExceptions collection.


The following example displays the name of the first item in the FirstLetterExceptions collection.

MsgBox AutoCorrect.FirstLetterExceptions(1).Name

Use the Add method to add an abbreviation to the list of first-letter exceptions. The following example adds the abbreviation "addr." to this list.

AutoCorrect.FirstLetterExceptions.Add Name:="addr."

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