Options.AllowAccentedUppercase property (Word)

True if accents are retained when a French language character is changed to uppercase. Read/write Boolean.


expression. AllowAccentedUppercase

expression A variable that represents a 'Options' object.


This property affects only text that's been marked as standard French. For all other languages, accents are always retained even if the AllowAccentedUppercase property is set to False.

If you change a character back to lowercase after an accent mark has been stripped from it, the accent won't reappear.


This example sets Word to remove accent marks when characters in French text are changed to uppercase.

Options.AllowAccentedUppercase = False

This example returns the status of the Allow accented uppercase in French option on the Edit tab in the Options dialog box.

Dim blnUppercaseAccents as Boolean 
blnUppercaseAccents = Options.AllowAccentedUppercase

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