Options.WarnBeforeSavingPrintingSendingMarkup property (Word)

True for Microsoft Word to display a warning when saving, printing, or sending as email a document containing comments or tracked changes. Read/write Boolean.


expression. WarnBeforeSavingPrintingSendingMarkup

expression An expression that returns a 'Options' object.


This example prints the active document but allows the user to stop the print if the document contains tracked changes or comments.

Sub SaferPrint 
 Dim blnOldState as Boolean 
 'Save old state in variable 
 blnOldState = Application.Options.WarnBeforeSavingPrintingSendingMarkup 
 'Turn on warning 
 Application.Options.WarnBeforeSavingPrintingSendingMarkup = True 
 'Print document 
 'Restore original warning state 
 Application.Options.WarnBeforeSavingPrintingSendingMarkup = blnOldState 

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