Selection.InsertCells method (Word)

Adds cells to an existing table.


expression. InsertCells( _ShiftCells_ )

expression Required. A variable that represents a Selection object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
ShiftCells Optional WdInsertCells Specifies how to insert the cells into the existing columns and rows of the table.


The number of cells inserted is equal to the number of cells in the selection. You can also insert cells by using the Add method of the Cells object.


This example inserts new cells to the left of the selected cells, and then it surrounds the selected cells with a red, single-line border.

If Selection.Cells.Count >= 1 Then 
 Selection.InsertCells ShiftCells:=wdInsertCellsShiftRight 
 For Each aBorder In Selection.Borders 
 aBorder.LineStyle = wdLineStyleSingle 
 aBorder.ColorIndex = wdRed 
 Next aBorder 
End If

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