WdPaperTray enumeration (Word)

Specifies a printer paper tray.

Name Value Description
wdPrinterAutomaticSheetFeed 7 Automatic sheet feed.
wdPrinterDefaultBin 0 Default bin.
wdPrinterEnvelopeFeed 5 Envelope feed.
wdPrinterFormSource 15 Form source.
wdPrinterLargeCapacityBin 11 Large-capacity bin.
wdPrinterLargeFormatBin 10 Large-format bin.
wdPrinterLowerBin 2 Lower bin.
wdPrinterManualEnvelopeFeed 6 Manual envelope feed.
wdPrinterManualFeed 4 Manual feed.
wdPrinterMiddleBin 3 Middle bin.
wdPrinterOnlyBin 1 Printer's only bin.
wdPrinterPaperCassette 14 Paper cassette.
wdPrinterSmallFormatBin 9 Small-format bin.
wdPrinterTractorFeed 8 Tractor feed.
wdPrinterUpperBin 1 Upper bin.

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