Chart Object Events

Chart events occur when the user activates or changes a chart. Events on chart sheets are enabled by default. To view the event procedures for a sheet, right-click the sheet tab and select View Code from the shortcut menu. Select the event name from the Procedure drop-down list box.

Activate | BeforeDoubleClick | BeforeRightClick | Calculate | Deactivate | MouseDown | MouseMove | MouseUp | Resize | Select | SeriesChange

Note To write event procedures for an embedded chart, you must create a new object using the WithEvents keyword in a class module. For more information, see Using Events with Embedded Charts.

This example changes a point's border color when the user changes the point value.

Private Sub Chart_SeriesChange(ByVal SeriesIndex As Long, _ 
        ByVal PointIndex As Long) 
    Set p = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(SeriesIndex). _ 
    p.Border.ColorIndex = 3 
End Sub