Specify the Message Class and Form for an Item Resulting from an Action

To specify the message class and the form for the resulting item

  1. In the form region manifest XML file, specify the action as a child action element of the customActions element for that form region.

  2. Specify the internal name of the action as the value of the name attribute of the action element.

  3. Specify a string that represents the message class of the resulting item as the value of the child targetForm element of the action element.

The following example assigns replyToBlog as the internal name of a custom action, and IPM.Post as the message class of the resulting item. The resulting item will use the same form that a contact item uses by default:

    <action name="replyToBlog">
        <!-- Further characterize this action -->

Note You can specify this as the value of the targetForm element to use the same message class and same form as those that the form region is defined on.