What's next for the Microsoft 365 admin center

Welcome to What's next for the Microsoft 365 admin center! We’ve heard that you would like to know more about what’s coming to the Microsoft 365 admin center, so we are providing you a handy view - specific to your admin experience. You can also use the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and the Message center to stay informed.


The information contained in this article pertains only to the Microsoft 365 admin center and is not a promise of future functionality nor do we promise that the feature will be released in the time frame we've indicated. In addition, this information is not a complete list of all features being released. This article might be discontinued or deleted at any time.

How to use this article

We're looking forward to hearing from you and we'd like to use this article as a conversation starter between us - the admin and the engineering team. Every item listed in the "In the works" section has a link to our Office UserVoice website, where we want you to vote for items that you're excited about, ask questions, and give us feedback.


For the list of features we've released for the Microsoft 365 admin center, see What's new in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In the works

Here's a list of features that will most-likely be released soon.

Role-based permissions

We're making it easier to see the roles that are assigned to a user and to see which users are assigned to a role:

  • To see the roles assigned to a user, go to Users > Active users > select a user > Manage roles.
  • To see the users assigned to a role, go to Roles > Roles > select a role > Assigned admins. And if you're not getting enough information from this view, you can go back to the Roles list page and export the list of admins and the roles assigned to them. Exporting the CSV file is great for auditing.
  • You can also select a role as a favorite, so that you can sort and filter your most-used roles.

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Keyboard shortcuts

You'll be able to perform some of the most common admin center tasks with just your keyboard. Here's an example of some of the keyboard shortcuts that are coming:

  • Shift+A+G: add group
  • Shift+A+U: add user
  • Shift+A+C: add contact
  • Shift+R+P: reset password
  • Shift+?: View the full list of supported shortcuts

Over time we will be adding to the supported keyboard shortcuts and improving this feature. Which shortcuts would you like to see next?
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Cloud Shell

Similar to the Azure Cloud Shell, we're adding a cloud-connected PowerShell app that will automatically sign you in, and pre-load the Exchange Online PowerShell module.
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Report an issue

If you're in the admin center and you notice that a service isn't working before we do, you can Report an issue to Microsoft from Service health.
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Deleted groups

Currently, you can only restore deleted Office 365 groups from the Exchange admin center. You’ll soon be able to view, restore, and manage deleted groups from this admin center.
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Settings redesign

Settings is being reorganized to have the Services & add-ins, Security & privacy, and Organization profile settings on a single list page and these settings will be searchable from the list view.
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Bulk management of groups

Adding the ability to manage multiple groups at once.
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Microsoft Teams management

Moving the some of the administrative features for Microsoft Teams management into the Microsoft 365 admin center.
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Simplify billing experience

Designing ways to simplify the billing experience, including reducing the number of pages under the billing node.
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Password writeback support

Hybrid customers will have the ability to reset their on-premises user passwords in the cloud. These passwords will sync back down the the on-premises accounts.
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Register admin account recovery information

Make sure you don’t get locked out of your account by providing a recovery email and phone number.
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