November 2019 Content Updates

Welcome to the Microsoft 365 learning pathways content update. Starting with our November 2019 update, we'll provide an updated inventory of the learning pathways catalog on a quarterly basis. For the November 2019 update, the following new content subcategories and playlists have been added to the learning pathways catalog. To learn more about how content updates are applied, and how to manage content updates, see Manage Content Updates.


Several new playlist have been added to the Teams subcategory.

  • Work with posts and messages (3 assets)
  • Upload and find files (2 assets)
  • Set up and attend live events (4 assets)
  • Manage your activity feed (2 assets)
  • Teams on the go (2 assets)

Microsoft 365 Success Center

We've added a Microsoft 365 learning pathways Success Center subcategory to the learning pathways experience. The Success Center provides the following playlists.

  • What’s New, What Changed (3 asset)
  • Plan your learning content (2 assets)
  • Customize learning pathways (8 assets?)
  • Drive Adoption of learning pathways (1 asset)
  • Measure impact of learning pathways (1 asset)


The following playlists has been added to the Outlook subcategory.

  • Outlook mobile: Manage your inbox (4 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: Manage your time (8 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: People and connections (5 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: Search and share (4 assets)


The following video assets have been added for OneDrive.

  • Set up your iPhone or iPad has been added to the Intro to OneDrive playlist
  • Turn on OneDrive Backup has been added to the Manage your files with OneDrive playlist


The following playlists and assets have been added to the catalog.

  • Planner Quick Start (6 assets)
  • Use Planner (8 assets)


The Accessibility subcategory of content has been added with the following playlists.

  • Microsoft 365 Accessibility Overview and Resources (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible email messages in Outlook (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible Word documents (8 assets)
  • Create more accessible Excel workbooks (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible slides in PowerPoint (5 assets)


NOTE: Changes need to be added here.....


The Sway subcategory of content has been added with the following playlists.

  • Sway Quick Start (4 assets)
  • Share and access Sway (5 assets)
  • Add content to Sway (11 assets)
  • Customize Sway (5 assets)


  • Access Quick Start (4 assets)
  • Intro to Access (3 assets)
  • Create an Access database (2 assets)
  • Add tables (2 assets)
  • Use relationships (5 assets)
  • Add and edit data (2 assets)
  • Manage data with queries (5 assets)
  • Create forms (1 asset)
  • Create reports (2 assets)
  • Protect databases (1 asset)