Provision Microsoft 365 learning pathways

With the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service, an Office 365 Tenant Administrator can start the provisioning process with a few simple clicks. The Provisioning Service is the recommended way to provision learning pathways. It's fast, easy, and takes only a few minutes to start the process. Before getting started with the Provisioning Service, however, make sure you've met the prerequisites for provisioning.


As of 5/21/2019, Microsoft 365 learning pathways is the new name for the solution formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365. If you have already provisioned Custom Learning for Office 365 or a earlier version of Microsoft 365 learning pathways in your organization, and want to update the solution, follow the “Updating the solution” instructions in the Microsoft 365 learning pathways ReadMe. If you are provisioning Microsoft 365 learning pathways for the first time, see Provision Microsoft 365 learning pathways instructions in the Microsoft 365 learning pathways documentation.


To successfully set up Microsoft 365 learning pathways with the Provisioning Service, the person doing the provisioning must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The person provisioning learning pathways must be a Tenant Administrator of the tenant where learning pathways will be provisioned.
  • A tenant App Catalog must be available within the Apps option of the SharePoint Admin Center. If your organization does not have an SharePoint tenant App catalog, refer to the SharePoint Online documentation to create one.
  • The person provisioning learning pathways must be a Site Collection Owner of the Tenant App Catalog. If the person provisioning learning pathways is not a Site Collection Owner of the App Catalog complete these instructions and continue.

To provision learning pathways

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 learning pathways solution page.
  2. Click Add to your tenant. If you are not signed into to your tenant, the Provisioning Service will ask for your Tenant Admin credentials.
  3. From the Permissions requested dialog box, select Consent on behalf of your organization and then select Accept.

The provisioning service requires these permissions to create the tenant app catalog, install the application into the tenant app catalog and provision the site template. There is no overall impact on your tenant and these permissions are explicitly used for the purpose of the solution installation. You must accept these permissions to proceed with the installation.

  1. Complete the fields on the provisioning information page as appropriate for your installation. At a minimum enter the email address where you wish to get notifications about the provisioning process and the destination URL for your site to be provisioned to.


Make the destination URL for your site something friendly to your employees such as "/sites/MyTraining" or "/teams/LearnMicrosoft365".


  1. Click Provision when ready to install learning pathways into your tenant environment. The provisioning process will take up to 15 minutes. You will be notified via email (to the notification email address you entered on the Provisioning page) when the site is ready for access.


The Tenant Admin who provisions the learning pathways site must go to the site, and then open CustomLearningAdmin.aspx to initialize learning pathways Admin properties. At this time, the Tenant Admin should also assign Owners to the site.

Validate Provisioning Success and Initialize the CustomConfig List

When provisioning is complete, the Tenant Admin who provisioned the site, receives an email from the PnP Provisioning Service. The email contains a link to the site. At this point, the Tenant Admin should go to the site using the link provided in the email and set up the site for first use:

  • Go to <YOUR-SITE-COLLECTION-URL>sites/<YOUR-SITE-NAME>/SitePages/CustomLearningAdmin.aspx. Opening CustomLearningAdmin.aspx initializes the CustomConfig list item that sets up learning pathways for first use. You should see a page that looks like this:


Add Owners to Site

As the Tenant Admin, it's unlikely you'll be the person customizing the site, so you'll need to assign a few owners to the site. Owners have administrative privileges on the site so they can modify site pages and rebrand the site. They also have the ability to hide and show content delivered through the learning pathways Web part. In addition, they'll have the ability to build custom playlist and assign them to custom subcategories.

  1. From the SharePoint Settings menu, click Site Permissions.
  2. Click Advanced Permission Settings.
  3. Click Microsoft 365 learning pathways Owners.
  4. Click New > Add Users to this group, and then add the people you want to be Owners.
  5. Add a link to Explore the Site in the Share message, and then click Share.

Next Steps