IdFix excluded and supported objects and attributes

There are two sets of rules maintained by IdFix; Multi-tenant and Dedicated/ITAR. At this time, the two rule sets exclude the same objects, attributes, and attribute values from its search. This may change in future releases.

Multi-tenant and Dedicated error exclusions used by IdFix

This section lists the objects, attributes, and values that IdFix excludes from its search of the directory. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard that can be substituted for other characters.

Exclusion Example
Admini* Administrator
CAS_{* CAS_{fe35fc98e69e4d08}
DiscoverySearchMailbox* DiscoverySearchMailbox
FederatedEmail* FederatedEmail. GUID
HTTPConnector* HTTPConnector
krbtgt* ms-DS-KrbTgt-Link
iusr_* iusr_ machinename
iwam* IWAM_ machinename
SystemMailbox* Systemmailbox{ GUID }
distinguishedName contains "\0ACNF:" "\0ACNF: GUID "
Object contains the IsCriticalSystemObject attribute See Attribute isCriticalSystemObject.

Multi-Tenant and Dedicated objects and attributes checked by IdFix

The attributes that are checked for errors by IdFix are described in the section "Directory object and attribute preparation" in Prepare directory attributes for synchronization with Office 365 by using the IdFix tool.