Multi-Geo Capabilities in OneDrive in Office 365

With Multi-Geo capabilities in OneDrive Online, your organization can expand its Office 365 presence to multiple geographic regions and/or countries within your existing tenant. Reach out to your Microsoft Account Team to sign up your Multi-National Company for OneDrive for Business Multi-Geo.

With OneDrive Multi-Geo, you can provision and store data at rest in the geo locations that you've chosen to meet data residency requirements, and at the same time unlock your global roll out of modern productivity experiences to your workforce.

Here's how multi-geo features can benefit your organization:

  • Operate as one global connected organization with a single Office 365 tenant spanning multiple geo locations.

  • Meet data residency requirements by creating and hosting data-at-rest within a specified geo location.

  • Empower your satellite users with the same modern productivity experiences enjoyed by your central location users.

  • Enable your users to move across geo locations as their role changes, while access to their content is kept intact.

  • Tailor your sharing policies per geo location and data loss prevention policies per site.

  • Designate eDiscovery managers per geo location and allow governing cases tailored to your geo location.

  • Choose unique URL namespaces (for example, for your additional geo locations.

  • Consolidate your regional on-premises data into your Office 365 multi-geo tenant.

In a multi-geo configuration, your Office 365 tenant consists of a central location (where your Office 365 subscription was originally provisioned) and one or more satellite geo locations. The key concept of multi-geo is that a single tenancy will span across one multiple geo locations. In a multi-geo tenant, the information about geo locations, groups, and user information, is mastered in Azure Active Directory (AAD). Because your tenant information is mastered centrally and synchronized into each geo location, sharing and experiences involving anyone from your company contain global awareness.

Video: Introducing Office 365 Multi-Geo

Get multi-geo features in three simple steps

Configuring multi-geo is easy:

  1. Work with your account team to add the Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365 service plan. They will guide you to add the number of licenses needed.

  2. Add your satellite locations.

  3. Configure your user accounts for the appropriate location.

Multi-Geo status and availability

OneDrive Multi-Geo is currently offered in these regions and countries:

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • European Union (EMEA)

  • France

  • India

  • Japan

  • United Kingdom

  • United States (North America)

  • Korea

Getting started

To get started with OneDrive for Business Multi-Geo, the first step is to plan your OneDrive for Business Multi-Geo environment. Next, learn about administering a multi-geo environment and how your users will experience a multi-geo environment. When you are ready to set up OneDrive for Business Multi-Geo, configure your tenant for multi-geo, then move any existing OneDrive sites to thier new geo-locations and set up search.